Comments from coaching & consulting clients

Noa has a wonderful approach to learning and exploring. She really helped me identify some fields where I had interests--especially those I had not been willing to even consider as possibilities. I didn't even KNOW I had "dreams" before my work with Noa. While I have not (yet?) become a trainer at Sea World (dream job!), I am thrilled to be taking some exciting steps on a new career and life path.

- Nursing Student

Noa is an attentive listener. Quick thinker. Quickly assesses situations and with amazing rapidity suggests a number of creative solutions. Bright. Well studied. Knowledgeable on a variety of topics. I am glad that I spent the time, money and effort to meet with her and find her fascinating.

- Writer/entrepreneur

I was so very glad I happened upon you. Your expertise and insight were unexpected and extremely valuable.
- Student/poet/aspiring publisher

Noa's advice and observations were incredibly clear and concise. And I felt truly heard. She took my own thoughts, ideas and opinions, polished them, focused them and gave them back to me plus giving me lots of her own wonderful ideas. An invaluable experience.
- Educator/photographer

Noa's resource and organizational skills are a unique combination of diverse life experiences, well-lived knowledge, and positive intuition. Her work reinforces the phrase, "Anything is possible."
- Filmmaker

Noa is a very creative, eclectic artist. Her insights and interpretations of the different [promotional] copy I presented to her have always complemented and strengthened the impact of my work.
- Artist/therapist

The best thing about my time with Noa is that I came away with a new way of looking at old problems. I felt encouraged.
- Bookstore owner

Noa helped me focus on what I had achieved so far, so I could experience a sense of accomplishment... I was amazed that Noa cued right into my psychological stumbling blocks and gave me concrete methods for overcoming them, along with the cognitive organizational info, marketing strategies and PR tips... She also gave me easy permission to ignore any or all of her suggestions which allowed me to go back to work and immediately follow through on one of her ideas. I got 3 new clients that week, doubled my income that month and am now feeling slightly overwhelmed and may schedule another session to get her input on that. It was one of the most productive hours I've spent.
- Animal Trainer